Outdoor Living Trends: What's Hot in St. Louis This Season

Explore the latest outdoor living trends in St. Louis, including alfresco dining spaces with outdoor kitchens, cozy fire features for year-round enjoyment, sustainable landscaping practices, multi-functional outdoor rooms, space-maximizing vertical gardening, and the integration of smart outdoor technology.

Grading and Sodding Success: Transforming Your Lawn

Learn the secrets of transforming your outdoor space into a lush oasis by exploring the crucial steps of grading for proper water drainage and sodding for instant green gratification, with ongoing maintenance tips for a healthy and vibrant lawn.


DIY or Hire a Pro? A Guide to Landscape Construction Projects

This post guides readers through the decision-making process of choosing between a DIY approach and hiring a professional for a landscape construction project, emphasizing factors such as skills assessment, project complexity, time commitment, budget considerations, local regulations, and access to specialized equipment.

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