Low Maintenance Decking

Deciding between a Deck or Patio? Both have their place in designs. For elevated back yards, decks can be a great option to traverse a steep back yard. Raised patios can also accomplish this to some extent. Of course, our recommendation is to have both! Before you think we're just trying to sell you two things consider this: Patios are great for the earthy nested vibe perfectly suiting "living room" and "kitchen" vibes. Decks have a more formal ideal-for-dinning aesthetic. Decks are also great for being able to walk out onto a level surface. Our best designs incorporate both decks and patio.


How It's Used:

Elevated Seating & Dining


$25,000 - $65,000


  • Aluminum Handrails outlast Vinyl
  • The initial cost of composite will save money and splinters down the road
  • Stair location shapes how the yard is used
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