Water Features

Water Wonders

Before incorporating landscape water features into their property, homeowners should ask themselves important questions and ensure their choices align with their design intent. Want the sound without the maintenance? Install a poodles feature. Want the sound of rolling water without the crashes? Install a babbling brook.

Create a Distinctive Garden

Designing a water feature for your yard offers an opportunity to make your home truly stand out. Every aspect of the water feature can be custom-tailored to your space, with elements such as stone bridges, stunning waterfalls and drift wood. Embrace the calming sounds of nature, welcome wildlife to your property, and infuse your space with the sound of water in your landscaping plans with us.

Water Features

How It's Used:

Create Naturally Relaxing Ambiance


$15,000 - $55,000


- The sound can be changed from babbling brook or crashing waterfalls.

- Build a flat waterfall into a seating wall.

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