Any St. Louis homeowner dreams of having that perfect outdoor space where they can relax, entertain, and enjoy the beauty of nature. But let's face it, transforming that vision into reality can be intimidating. After all, you shouldn't have to handle the complexities of landscape design on your own. 

At Landsmith, we love a gorgeous landscape just as much as you do. We understand you might not know where to start. But don't worry! We're professional landscape contractors in St. Louis, MO, with many years of experience. Our seasoned landscape designers and architects have what it takes (and more) to transform your space.
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Trust the Landscape Professionals

Forget about the stress and disappointment of DIY landscape projects or juggling multiple contractors. Instead, let us help you create an outdoor space that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home and adds functional value. With Landsmith, your dream outdoor space is just a consultation away. Let's get started on your landscape design project today!


Design Engagements Include

Full 2D & 3D scaled Designs
Feasibility Analysis
Phase Planning
Installation Proposals
2-4 Week Design Time
Permit Investigation
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Chesterfield Retaining Walls
Covered Kitchen
town and country oasis
Barnhart Outdoor Kitchen

Your Journey To A Dream Outdoor Space

With over a decade of experience serving St. Louis homes, we know all the dos and don'ts of landscape design. Our certifications guarantee a smooth and successful experience. Some of them are:

  1. Certified SRW Installer by NCMA.
  2. Certified Drainage Contractor by NDS.
  3. Also, we're a proud member of the National Association of Landscape Professionals.

What sets us apart? For starters, our innovative design concepts. We're not just about making an outdoor space look good - we're about creating an environment that resonates with you. Plus, our customer-focused approach focuses on listening, understanding, and creating.

Our 3-Step Design Process

Every homeowner is unique, and so should their outdoor spaces. That's why we offer personalized consultations, detailed 2D & 3D designs, and tailored solutions addressing specific preferences. Here's a simple way to get started with us:


The Draft Review is our opportunity to involve you in the creative process. We discuss shape and feel of the space to understand the direction of the design. Learning that you want to, "entertain while you grill," is the kind of info we need to create the best ideas. We do this by revising unfinished concepts saving weeks of revisions.



We’ll use the feedback and ideas from our Draft Review session to finish a version of the design. We'll discuss details like materials, feasibility, and anticipated budgets. This allows us to see how design decisions affect cost and help us advise to maximize value. Lastly, we discuss what you would like to see on your final plan - phasing and all. We finish the plan and create your drawings.



This is where the rubber meets the road. By this step, we've developed a well thought out plan ready to install. We prepare a dollar-and-cents proposal outlining every detail. Once scheduled, we purchase materials, prepare build specs, and apply for permits. Specs and permitting drawings are available after design completion and are included with every build proposal.

Design Consultation

Free Consult
Full 2D & 3D scaled Designs
Feasibility Analysis
Phase Planning
Installation Proposals
2-4 Week Design Time
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How to get started

Step 1: Schedule
Select a time from the schedule to book a free consultation.

Step 2: Consult
We'll discuss your project, anticipated budgets, and offer a design package that fits.

Step 3: Design
We'll draft, revise, and propose options to build your project!

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