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If you love cooking and entertaining outdoors, you know how important setting the right vibe is. But let's be real, creating a functional and stylish outdoor kitchen can be a challenge. It's frustrating when your vision doesn't come to life as you imagined, and honestly, you shouldn't settle for less. 

At Landsmith Landscape Architecture & Construction, your local outdoor kitchen contractor, we get your needs and share your passion for outdoor cooking. That's why we specialize in creating stunning and practical outdoor kitchen designs that will make your backyard the envy of the neighborhood. 


Crafting Your Culinary Paradise

Masterful Masonry

As highly experienced professionals in masonry services, we specialize in the art of full masonry natural stone installations. Our meticulous outdoor kitchen installers take great pride in crafting structures that exude aesthetic appeal and demonstrate remarkable durability against the test of time and weather conditions. 

With our masonry services, you can rest assured that your outdoor kitchen will not only be visually stunning but also possess the longevity to withstand the elements for years to come.

Tailored Design

At Landsmith Landscape Architecture & Construction, we firmly believe every outdoor kitchen should not only reflect the homeowner's lifestyle but also enhance their overall outdoor living experience. We work closely with you to create customized designs, tailoring every aspect to ensure your outdoor kitchen becomes a seamless extension of your style. 

From the carefully selected materials to the thoughtfully integrated appliances, we strive to strike the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. Landsmith Landscape Architecture & Construction brings your vision to life, making your dream outdoor kitchen a reality. 

Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen in Three Simple Steps

Starting your journey to an amazing outdoor kitchen with us is as easy as pie.

  1. Request a consultation with us.
  2. Tell us what you envision for your outdoor kitchen.
  3. Our outdoor kitchen installers design a plan tailored to your needs and get your approval.

Say Goodbye to Outdoor Kitchen Troubles!

Don't let the fear of a poorly executed project hold you back from having the outdoor kitchen you've always wanted. With Landsmith Landscape Architecture & Construction, you avoid the troubles of juggling multiple contractors for your project. Instead, you get a professionally designed and installed outdoor kitchen that meets your cooking needs and enhances your backyard. 

Are you ready to unleash the outdoor chef in you? Let's get started!


Outdoor Kitchen

How It's Used:

Grill, Entertaining & Dining


$25,000 - $65,000


  • Build a Pergola or Pavilion over your outdoor kitchen
  • Build a kitchen by the Pool
  • Refrigeration & Sideburners
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