Planting Beds

Cultivating Dreams

Landsmith Landscape Architecture & Construction. is dedicated to creating breathtaking landscape beds and gardens that enhance your property's curb appeal. Our team of landscape designers work hand-in-hand to bring your vision to life.

Our Landscape Bed Elements Include:

  1. Bed Layout & Design: Our designs may be drawn as 2D plans or 3D renders. Our 3-Step Design process makes it easy to create the perfect layout.
  2. Plantings: We use high quality plants and proven-winners© to increase the success of their establishment. Landscaping is a big investment and while smaller plants may be easier to afford, the extra few years to mature may not be worth the savings.
  3. Edging: Our three most popular bed edges are Shovel cut, pavers, and natural stone. Shovel cut edges are ideal for economical and soft edges of a mulched bed. Pavers are ideal for containing river rock, and natural stone edgers match well with mulch beds. The photo above is an example of the base for our paver edging - it's easy to see why our installs last.
  4. Mulching & Rock: Most landscape beds are filled with mulch, rock or a combination of both. The initial investment of rock breaks even within 3-5 years compared to the cost of refreshing mulch. Mulch offers plants a happier place to live. If you intend to have a lot of flowering perennials, mulch is the way to go. If you'd prefer lower maintenance shrubbery, rock may be the right choice.

At Landsmith Landscape Architecture & Construction, we are passionate about creating beautiful, functional outdoor spaces. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our workmanship and dedication to customer satisfaction. Let us transform your property into an enchanting oasis that brings joy and relaxation to your everyday life.

Planting Beds

How It's Used:

Use landscape beds to soften and enhance the feel of a space.


$5,000 - $20,000


  • Add Path Lighting to create glowing landscapes
  • Place between Patios and homes to soften the transition
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