Pergola Paradise

Do pergolas keep the rain out? No. Does it provide shade? Sort of. Does it look beautiful? Always! If you want and outdoor space that completely shields you from the outdoors - build a pavilion. We're here to make you back yard beautiful! Pergolas transform patios from "spaces" to "rooms" so if you want to have a Pinterest-worthy backyard, string lights to a pergola and bask it it's beauty.

Our pergolas are built to last - double stained, rough cut cedar, pre-engineered pergolas make durability and permitting a breeze.


How It's Used:

Create a sense of "room" for your Patio or Kitchen


$15,000 - $35,000


  • Add Canopy's & Shade Screens
  • Place against a Fireplace
  • Mix with a Pavilion to create covered and open air spaces
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